Startup Heroes is an Educational Entrepreneurship Game

Inspiring entrepreneurship through risk-free educational 3D business simulations.
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    Playing Startup Heroes, more than 50% of the students show significant increase in interest and likelihood of creating their own businesses
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    To ensure the most effective learning process, we design various game mechanics to experience the trial and error approach and strategic decisions making process in an immersive 3D risk-free environment while ensuring a real level of fun!
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    We can gamify specific learning/curriculum into exciting game quests, apply your logo or create your own 3D campus, introduce more knowledge of entrepreneurship in your region, sky is not even our limit.

We Already Partnered and Customized Startup Heroes for Several Universities

Startup Heroes has already been customized and successfully delivered to the three biggest Danish Universities in the Copenhagen region (DTU, KU and CBS)! Played and enjoyed by several thousands of students, "Startup Spirits" - as they called it - has been supported by the EU and initiated by the CIEL Danish Organization (Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab). Embarked in the journey of a young entrepreneur with a passion for futuristic gadgets, they tackled challenging dilemma's and explored a virtual 3D environment to raise their own startups!


See the educational awareness game in action below. For a live demo, simply contact us at

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Our Testimonial

  • Startup Spirits is a modern, exciting and innovative way to make students aware of entrepreneurship. We highly recommend all students to play it.
    Press - University of Copenhagen
  • Our students were really excited to play and Startup Spirits is already a great success! Many of them demonstrated a strong increase in their interests and likelihood to know more about Entrepreneurship!
    Frank A. MathiasenFrank A. Mathiasen
    Senior Project Manager, CIEL (Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab)
  • Experiencing this entrepreneurial simulation really gives me a full picture on how to build a Startup: step by step!
    Angga KharismaAngga Kharisma
    Student at STMIK - Indonesia
  • The Game dilemmas made me think about what the Startup journey looks like. Thanks for a very fun game!
    Lasse LorenzenLasse Lorenzen
    Student at DTU - Denmark
  • I'm fascinated about the idea of that game, and I feel my dreams can become reality as I am trying to become an entrepreneur.
    Alex GlockhammerAlex Glockhammer
    Student at TUHH - Germany

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